Betting On the Winner of World Cup 2018

Every year, football fans around the world look forward to the massive FIFA World Cup. For many years, the World Cup has been the center of attention for sports fans who are diehard about their favourite teams and who want to make winning bets.

So who will win this year?

We don’t know until we see with our own eyes. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t bet on our favourites. Who knows, maybe your most beloved team will win you a load full of cash when you put your money on them. In any case, let’s check out some of the favourites to win this year and what their odds might be for the game.

About the 2018 FIFA World Cup

2018 fifa world cup - RussiaHere’s some trivia on the 2018 FIFA World Cup. This year’s World Cup is actually the 21st FIFA World Cup and is going to happen in Russia this June 14 to July 15.

The tournaments will be held in cities all around the European Russia. Originally, the host cities were Kazan, Moscow, Kaliningrad, Nizhny Novgorod, Saint Petersburg, Saransk, Samara, Yaroslavl, Volgograd, Rostov-on-Don, Yekaterinburg, Krasnodar and Sochi. However, Krasnodar and Yaroslavl were eliminated from the list.

The tournament consists of 32 national teams who were chosen through qualifying matches except for Russia because it is the host team. The defending champions from the last tournament in 2014, Germany, will also be making back to back appearances. Newcomers Iceland and Panama will also make their debut. In total, 64 matches are played in the said venues with the finals to be held in Moscow at the Luzhniki Stadium. The winner of the World Cup will be qualified to go on to the 2021 FIFA Confederation Cup.

The Qualified Teams

The 32 teams qualified for the tournament are as follows:

  • Russia – The host team
  • Iran – Winner of the AFC Third Round Group A
  • Japan – Winner of the AFC Third Round Group
  • South Korea – Runner-up of the AFC Third Round Group A
  • Saudi Arabia – Runner-up of the AFC Third Round Group B
  • France – Winner of the UEFA Group A
  • Portugal – Winner of the UEFA Group B
  • Germany – Winner of the UEFA Group C
  • Serbia – Winner of the UEFA Group D
  • Poland – Winner of the UEFA Group E
  • England – Winner of the UEFA Group F
  • Spain – Winner of the UEFA Group G
  • Belgium – Winner of the UEFA Group H
  • Iceland – Winner of the UEFA Group I
  • Denmark – Winner of the UEFA Second Round
  • Croatia – Winner of the UEFA Second Round
  • Switzerland – Winner of the UEFA Second Round
  • Sweden – Winner of the UEFA Second Round
  • Brazil – Winner of the CONMEBOL Round Robin
  • Uruguay – Runner-up of the CONMEBOL Round Robin
  • Argentina – Third place of the CONMEBOL Round Robin
  • Colombia – Fourth place of the CONMEBOL Round Robin
  • Tunisia – Winner of the CAF Third Round Group A
  • Nigeria – Winner of the CAF Third Round Group B
  • Morocco – Winner of the CAF Third Round Group C
  • Senegal – Winner of the CAF Third Round Group D
  • Egypt – Winner of the CAF Third Round Group E
  • Mexico – Winner of the CONCACAF Fifth Round
  • Costa Rica – Runner-up of the CONCACAF Fifth Round
  • Panama – Third place of the CONCACAF Fifth Round
  • Peru – Winner of the Play-offs of the OFC V CONMEBOL
  • Australia – Winner of the Play-offs of the CONCACAF V AFC

The Well-Known Favourites

Favourites in 2018 fifa world cup

These are the 32 teams that will be competing in the competition this June in the World Cup. A few favourites have been ranked in accordance with their team members, winning streaks, and odds. Below are some of the favourites to win.

  1. Germany
  2. With odds of 5.50 at Ladbrokes, it’s really no surprise that Germany would make it to the top of the list as a favourite to win, considering that they did win the last World Cup in 2014 when they beated both Argentina and Brazil. With their momentum, they’re definitely not going to give up their crown very easily.

    Of course, Die Mannschaft, the German Team, isn’t just yesterday’s team. They already came in really strong during the qualifying matches as they won ten from ten games, shooting them to the top of the UEFA Group C. They’re momentum is just as strong as ever as their slogan is “The Best Never Rest”. This goes to show that even if they won in 2014, they’re not going to rest until they win 2018, too. They’re definitely a good bet to win in this year’s World Cup.

  3. Brazil
  4. Of course, the previous semifinalist Brazil isn’t going to let Germany off that easily. Brazil has already won the group stage in the qualifying CONMEBOL tournament, beating Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile and other teams at least once. Of course, their success is because of a really strong team consisting of Philippe Coutinho, Gabriel Jesus, Neymar, and more competitive players. What’s more is that Brazil, with odds of 4.5 at William Hill, doesn’t show any signs of stopping, which means that aside from Germany, Brazil is also starting strong. This makes Brazil a pretty good contender for the gold this year.

  5. France
  6. Although France lost in the finals of the Euro 2016, French team Les Bleus didn’t let that get them down. In fact, they got back up and came back stronger. Since that year, they have been getting more and more strong players for the team. In fact, they started out really strong beating both Sweden and Netherlands. Most notably, they have a very strong striker in the form of Antoine Griezmann who helped Les Bleus score 9 points from 12 in their run against both Sweden and Netherlands. With odds of 7.5 at Bet365, France is definitely a team to be keeping an eye on this year.

  7. Argentina
  8. Argentina hasn’t been doing so well as a favourite to win in the last game as it fell short in the 2014 World Cup. With their downhill performance, it’s quite understandable to be a bit iffy about putting your money in them, especially since they hit only the third place in the CONMEBOL. They do have strong attackers in the team, but they’re probably not ready to take the spotlight this year. They’ll probably have a stronger chance next summer during the 2019 Copa America. Of course, they do have Lionel Messi as a trump card, so Argentina might surprise you since Messi is under a huge amount of pressure.

  9. Spain
  10. Spain may have fallen out of the Euro 2016 a bit early, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have the potential to reach the finals. Of course, this was back then. Now is different.

    Now, they are under a new commander, Julen Lopetegui. Spain also has a new team now that needs to prove how strong they really are. The qualifying matches proved that they have a really strong defence, but is that really enough? We’ll just have to see how well they do in the next games.

  11. Portugal
  12. Portugal is home to some favourites like Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Fonte who were extremely impressive in the Euro 2016. Of course, they’re getting a bit old already and may need to make way for some new blood. That said, Portugal has a new brand of candidates for central midfielders that is making its way into the field this year, so this may be something good for them. Another thing to take note of is that Portugal beated France last summer, so they might surprise us again.

  13. England
  14. England’s team Three Lions seems pretty optimistic with a 26 points from a possible 30 during qualifications. This was most likely because of a new management wherein one of their captains have been taken out. With the unwanted player out, it seems like the team will get itself together and make a difference in this year’s World Cup. However, it’s still England, so we will really have to see how they will play before we can make more predictions.

  15. Uruguay
  16. Uruguay has placed themselves in a very strong standing this World Cup with the last qualifications being one of their strongest, scoring a total of 31 points. Their star player is Edinson Cavani who scored a phenomenal 10 in the CONMEBOL. With a really good team also including the defence monster Diego Godin, it seems like the confidence in Uruguay has gone up, so their morale may also go up in the process.

  17. Belgium
  18. Even though Belgium has assembled a pretty talented team, they’re still quite a bit raw for the World Cup. Their new manager is Roberto Martinez, and he seems to be doing a good job despite all the criticism about him. They were able to score nine wins from ten, beating out countries like Greece and Bosnia in the qualification phase for the tournament. Look out for one of their biggest talents Martinez since he could be a trump card of the team.

  19. Colombia
  20. Four years ago, in Brazil, Colombia reached the quarterfinals. With this record, they can definitely reach the finals again. This year’s World Cup is Colombia’s second appearance after 20 years. This gives the team more reasons to give the world a great game.

  21. Croatia
  22. Qualifying for this year’s World Cup took great effort for team Croatia to achieve. This may give the impression that they’re just an easy team to beat, but they’re actually not. In fact, with Luka Modric, Mario Mandzukic, and Ivan Rakitic, Croatia could be a tough team to deal with.

  23. Mexico
  24. Unlike the other teams in the tournament, Mexico is no first-timer. The team has always been a regular at the World Cups, playing in the last six World Cup tournaments. However, they do not always survive long enough to reach the Final.

    Mexico has only reached the quarterfinals twice during 1970 and 1986. That’s why many football fans look forward to see the team in the quarterfinals again this year.

  25. Poland
  26. The 2018 World Cup is Poland’s next big tournament since 2016. Although we don’t see any change from what the team was back in the Euro 2016 where it lost against Portugal, Poland still has many supporters. In fact, we expect many fans to travel to Russia to support Poland.

    These are 13 of the favourites to win for the World Cup 2018. Of course, our bets are on the first five teams on our ranking list with Germany on the very top. This doesn’t mean, though, that the other teams can’t surprise us. There is a lot of potential with the rest of the teams if they can show strong performance in the next games. It also seems like the top ranking teams don’t plan on relaxing either as everyone is vying for the very top spot in the World Cup. With this, it’ll seem like we’re in for a very competitive tournament this year.

Odds for The Winner

If you’re betting on teams, then it’s better for you to know the odds of each team instead of just picking out your favourite. Betters are here to make some serious money and have to be very careful in picking their teams. Otherwise, they might lose a lot of cash.

We’re still pretty far from the finals, so let’s take a look at the existing teams per group and check out their betting odds. If this is your first time betting, we’ll go over some basics on how to read odds so you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Let’s say that Uruguay has odds of 26. This means that if you bet £10 Uruguay to win the 2018 World Cup, you will win £260 from your stake. Betting on the winner of the World Cup allows you to bet the same sum for a few teams and be anytime winner. Of course, you should calculate the risk and not go above a certain amount.

To sum it all up, with smaller odds, it will be much easier for you to profit since you don’t need to come out with that much cash. Of course, your team has to win for you to profit. If your team loses, then you lose your bet. So when it comes to sports betting, it’s really more about money management than trying to predict a winning team since it’s essentially 50-50 odds of winning.

Without further ado, let’s check out the betting odds of the groups according to Betway.

Groups in 2018 fifa world cup

Group A:
  • Saudi Arabia with betting odds of 1001.00
  • Egypt with betting odds of 201.00
  • Russia with betting odds of 41.00
  • Uruguay with betting odds of 29.00

As you can see, the best bet to take here is Uruguay as with a £10 bet you get £250 net profit.

Group B:
  • Iran with betting odds of 501.00
  • Morocco with betting odds of 501.00
  • Portugal with betting odds of 26.00
  • Spain with betting odds of 7.00

In Group B, Spain has the best odds and is number 5 on our list. Portugal comes in close, but Spain seems to be a better pick.

Group C:
  • Australia with betting odds of 301.00
  • Peru with betting odds of 151.00
  • Denmark with betting odds of 101.00
  • France with betting odds of 7.50

France is number 3 on our list, so it’s really no surprise that France has the best odds for sports bettors. With Les Bleus having such a strong team, it’ll be easy for France to make a winning here.

Group D:
  • Iceland with betting odds of 201.00
  • Nigeria with betting odds of 201.00
  • Croatia with betting odds of 34.00
  • Argentina with betting odds of 11.00

Argentina is number 4 on our list, and it’s coming on pretty strong, so it’ll be really wise to bet on them for now.

Group E:
  • Costa Rica with betting odds of 501.00
  • Serbia with betting odds of 151.00
  • Switzerland with betting odds of 101.00
  • Brazil with betting odds of 5.50

Brazil is one of the number 1 contenders for the title, so it’s no surprise that everyone’s putting their money on Brazil. With betting odds of 5.50, we can’t say much here but to simply put your money on them.

Group F:
  • South Korea with betting odds of 501.00
  • Sweden with betting odds of 126.00
  • Mexico with betting odds of 101.00
  • Germany with betting odds of 5.50

The champion of the last tournament definitely has a big chance of winning again with their momentum increasing. This is why they are definitely the top pick for the winner of this group and the team to bet on if you’re after some money.

Group G:
  • Panama with betting odds of 1001.00
  • Tunisia with betting odds of 751.00
  • England with betting odds of 17.00
  • Belgium with betting odds of 12.00

It’s really going to be a split off between England and Belgium when it comes to who to bet on. However, it seems like Belgium still has the upper hand of England with all the new talent Belgium has. If Belgium is able to gain some momentum as the games go along, we can definitely see the country play to its full potential.

Group H:
  • Japan with betting odds of 301.00
  • Senegal with betting odds of 126.00
  • Poland with betting odds of 67.00
  • Colombia with betting odds of 51.00

While none of our top ranking teams can be found in this group, we can still bet on some of the teams for fun. It seems like the two best opportunities to take are Columbia and Poland because these two seem like the strongest in the group and also have the biggest chances for profits.

What Is Our Prediction?

As for who we think will be the winner of the World Cup 2018, we think that it’ll most likely be a battle of the top 6 in our list lead by the defending champion, Germany. Germany seems to be really strong with their team this year and their momentum isn’t dying down even though they’ve already won the last World Cup. However, Brazil also isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Argentina, Spain, and France are also contenders for having really strong teams for this year.

With this, we think that it’s going to be a really tight battle between these teams. However, we also think that it’s going to be a tight match between Brazil and Germany in the finals. As early as now, the odds are in favour of both Germany and Brazil. They both have been on fire in the qualifying rounds already and will most likely keep their fire up until the finals. As for who the winner will be, most people are actually putting their money on Germany to win, but we most likely think that Brazil has a big chance to take the crown this year.

Of course, a factor that may block their win is Neymar who is suffering from a broken metatarsal. If he recovers, the powerful combo of Jesus, Neymar, Willian, and Coutinho will prove to be a challenge for Germany. Don’t forget the defence of Fernandinho, Miranda, Marquinhos, and Casemiro. That combo is something that Germany should really watch out for, too.

With all these, we predict Brazil to win 2018’s World Cup.

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