2018 Fifa World Cup - information

World Cup 2018: All You Need to Know

Soccer is a universal game, and it’s not surprising that the world cup is the most popular global soccer competition. Unlike the Olympics, the World Cup is a truly single-sport international event, but the competition is more passionate, blazing, and religious-like, following from the national pride it brings. Прочетете повече “World Cup 2018: All You Need to Know”

2018 fifa world cup - group stages

FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stages: Overview and Predictions

The world is becoming more and more at hype as we move closer to the date of the FIFA World Cup 2018. After the Final Draw of the World Cup 2018 Group Stages last December in the Kremlin State Palace in Moscow, people can’t help but wonder which teams will make it to the victory. Прочетете повече “FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stages: Overview and Predictions”

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