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What does it mean to bet through your mobile device?

At a time when mobile technologies are so wide-spread and are developing so rapidly, not having a smartphone or tablet is very rare. This kind of technology boom is allowing for the emergence of many different types of applications on the market, which grant mobile device users the freedom of using many services, games and useful tools. Bookmakers are aware of this increasing trend so they are developing more and more special mobile versions of their websites for the convenience and enjoyment of their users.

The service itself which is offer by the leading bookmakers come in 2 versions. One is a mobile version of the bookmaker website which you can access through an address on your device’s internet browser, and the other is a mobile application which you can download and install on your device so you can take advantage of everything that the bookmakers have to offer.

Mobile bets are very convenient for all fans of online betting. By using your smartphone or tablet to place a bet, anyone can do so no matter where they are and at any time as long as they have an internet connection. Mobile bets are a new way to place bets online which lightens your load when you have set your mind on online betting. Betting through mobile devices offers a great ride from which any fan of online betting can take advantage.

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Betting through a mobile application or mobile version

Betting through your smartphone or tablet is not a difficult task whatsoever. As we mentioned, the service itself is offered by most leading bookmakers and it’s important for you to know what the advantages and disadvantages of mobile betting are:


  • Betting through mobile devices gives you the luxury of betting at any time, it is fast and simple and you have the freedom of using your smartphone or tablet.
  • With some bookmakers you could find special bonus offers that are provided precisely for players using the company’s mobile services.
  • The possibilities for betting do not differ from those offered in the full version of the website. Certain bookmakers clearly state that everything they offer is no different on the bole version as it is on the full website, but others do mention that it is possible for some events to be missing from the mobile version. All in all, most events and markets will be offered both in the full version as well as in the mobile one.
  • The mobile service is completely free. Applications are also free for downloading and installing, as is the mobile version of the company.

  • When using the mobile applications, you must update whenever possible so that you can successfully keep using the bookmaker’s mobile services.
  • With some bookmakers not all of the markets are available on the mobile version.
  • Most bookmakers do not offer every possible payment method on their mobile versions or applications, which are available on the full website.

The difference between the mobile versions and the applications?

A large part of the bookmakers offer both variants to their clients. Virtually there is no difference between the design and appearance of the service itself. The version from the browser and application looks the same, and they perform the same functions. If the bookmaker introduces something new and changes the appearance of the website, then the same changes would be made on the mobile version as well. The applications of different bookmakers are offered mostly for Android and iOS devices, although some can be found on Windows Mobile devices and some Blackberry applications as well. Not all bookmakers offer such applications, but you can always access the version through your device’s internet browser and enjoy the mobile version of the particular bookmaker.

There is one clear advantage of using the mobile browser version and it is the fact that once you have installed the mobile application of a bookmaker on your device you can memorize you profile and password of your account and this way you can access the website a lot faster, browse through the markets and make your bets. The fact is that an application is lot more comfortable when you wish to make a fast bet or another operation through the mobile service.
Which bookmakers offer services through mobile version?
In the United Kingdom bookmaker companies you can find the mobile service, either in the form a mobile version or application. Different bookmakers have their own specifications in regards to what kind of mobile services they offer. We will take a look at the main qualities which our largest bookmakers have.

The mobile version of Efbet

Efbet offers its clients a mobile service for placing bets but only through you device’s internet browser. The internet page which you have to access is:, and you will see the way that it is designed and what the service offers. At the moment, the bookmaker’s team is working on developing a mobile application for iOS devices, but it is not quite ready just yet.

The mobile version of Efbet offers its client all the possible markets and opportunities that are offered in the full version. This is a huge advantage. Also, through Efbet’s mobile version you have the opportunity of watching live events through your device and betting on them at the same time. Through Efbet’s mobile version, each client can feel completely comfortable, taking advantage of the quick and simple placing of bets from wherever it may be.

You can learn more about the mobile version of Efbet; its specifications and fine points, the different bonuses they offer with registration, and other useful information, you can do so in our full review.

The mobile version and application of Betfair

Betfair is one of the leading bookmaker companies in the world of online betting. The company carries a wide range of offers for its clients, as well as a mobile version which is available for everyone and it truly is great. The mobile service of Betfair is not only offered through the mobile device’s internet browser, but also for Android and iOS operating systems. Anyone who wished to use the mobile service of the bookmaker will be able to take advantage of the full range of betting opportunities that are offered in the full version. This is a huge advantage. Also, different options such as Price Rush and Cash-Out are available on Betfair’s mobile service.

Those who wish to take advantage of the mobile application of the company can download it through the bookmaker’s website, install and start using it. Through Betfair’s mobile version you can create your registration and take advantage of the different bonuses that the companies offer. If you wish to learn more about Betfair’s mobile version, you can read our full review of the company, where you will find the full information of different bonuses, how the service itself looks and more useful information.

The mobile version and application of Sportingbet

Sportingbet is another bookmaker that impresses with a amazingly developed mobile version of their website. It is offered through mobile applications for Android and iOS devices as well as through your device’s internet browser. Sportingbet’s clients can take full advantage of all the different available markets and also create a registration if one hasn’t yet been made. The overall design and the way in which the mobile version is offered is wonderfully developed and made in a way that makes it fast and easy to place bets, no matter where one is located.

In our expert opinion of Sportingbet’s mobile service, we have prepared for you full information regarding the service itself; how to install it, how it looks and what type of functions it offers. Also, we will familiarize you with all the possibilities for making a deposit and withdrawing, as well as information about the bonuses that the company offers.

The mobile version and application of Bet365

When it comes to mobile versions and applications of different bookmakers, Bet365 is definitely amongst the leaders. The company has developed an amazing mobile version through which it actively offers all of its services. Bet365 offers its clients not only a mobile version through your device’s browser but through different applications available for different devices. Mobile applications are offered for Windows Phone, Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Through the mobile version of Bet365, every client can take advantage of the multiple betting opportunities for different markets, as well as the making of a registration through your device.

All the functions of the mobile version of Bet365 make it a highly preffered choice for a bookmaker, which is completely natural. If you wish to see how the mobile version looks, understand how to download and install its application for different mobile devices, you can read all of this information in our review of Bet365’s mobile version.

The mobile version of Pinnacle

The bookmaker, known for its best and highest coefficients amongst all, offers a mobile version of its website as well. In order to access it you must enter the following address in your device’s browser: The company offers many possibilities for betting on different events, before their start, as well as bets on live events. Also, through the mobile version of Pinnacle, you can take advantage of all the casino games that are offered by the bookmaker.

Through our review of Pinnacle’s mobile applications, you can create an account with the bookmaker, use all the available payments methods, and start your betting. In a separate page, we have included the full information for accessing Pinnacle Sports through the link on

Frequently asked questions

Are mobile applications for different bookmakers available on iTunes or Google Play?
-Bookmakers that offer mobile applications for their mobile service usually do offer them for Google and iTunes, so YES, the applications are in fact available. However, you should know that applications for certain bookmakers are not available because a particular country’s limitations.

What should I do if I cannot find the application on Google Play or iTunes?
-The first thing that you can do is go on the bookmaker website and check if you can download the application straight from the site. If you have difficulties finding it you can contact customer support for that particular bookmaker and ask if such application is available.

Is it possible to make deposits and withdrawals through the bookmakers’ mobile version?
-Yes, this is possible for various bookmakers including those that are most popular. Although, you should know that not all bookmakers offer al the different types of payment methods through their mobile version that are usually offered in the full versions of the websites.

How important is the Internet speed?
-It is preferred that you have faster Internet speed so you can execute wanted operations faster. A slower Internet speed can considerably slow you down when you try and make a bet and in turn mess up your plans.

Are there certain platforms on which the applications work?
-Most applications which are offered by different bookmakers are specially developed for Android and iOS operating systems, and some are also available for Windows mobile devices. Some bookmaker companies offer their mobile services for Blackberry devices as well. But, you can rest assured because every bookmaker offers it mobile services through your device’s Internet browser.

Is there any danger when using mobile services through a Wi-Fi connection?
Modern technologies offer clients the use of secure connections through websites that encrypt the information they receive and send out, so you can feel safe when using mobile versions and applications of different bookmakers.

If you have any more questions you can write us via email: or find us on our Facebook Page, or our Betenemy profile on Google+.

Mobile Bettings
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