Bonuses and Promotions

Each bookmaker provides you with different bonuses so as to be more tempting and appealing. To them, you, as the players, are what is most important so they try their hardest to lure you to their team – to bet through them. Bookmakers compete not only with coefficients and the types of markets, but with the bonuses they offer as well. In this article you will learn all that you need to know about the different aspects of bonuses.

What are bonuses?

Usually a bonus is the amount of money given to you by the bookmaker so you can use it for your bets. The amount always has a maximum value and you cannot withdraw it as soon as you receive it. First you must turn over (place a bet with) a certain amount. The bonuses could be in the form of a free bets meaning that under certain requirements the bookmaker allows you to bet a certain amount of money on a particular event and if your prediction comes true then you win the sum total. A bonus could also be in the form of higher coefficients. The bookmaker chooses a particular event and under specific requirements, allows you to bet on the outputs of the match with much higher coefficients, usually exponentially.

What should we look out for when choosing a bonus?

warning how to choose the right bonus

The most important thing that you must be aware of when choosing a particular bonus is the rules of use. Every bonus has certain rules which you have to follow before receiving it and betting with it. One of the most popular bonuses that you can receive is the one for newly registered players for a particular bookmaker. With such a bonus you usually receive a £100, or another amount, depending on the bookmaker. However, with this bonus, it is not always 100% certain that you will get £100 from the bookmaker. It actually is a bonus up to 100 Bulgarian leva, depending on the amount of your first deposit. If your first deposit after registration is only £50, then you will get a £50 bonus. In order to get the full £100 bonus, you must deposit the amount of £100, or more.

But things do not end here. You should be aware of the requirements for receiving your bonus. It could be that you need to put in some kind of code, or get in touch with the bookmaker, or the bonus amount could automatically appear in your account. Everything depends of the leading bookmakers’ policy. However, there is one thing that does not depend on this, because it is the same for all bookmakers, at least for now. And that is the condition for receiving said bonus. This is probably the most important thing that you should remember.

Once you receive your bonus, you are not able to withdraw the amount right away. There is a condition of turning over the bonus that you must follow through. What does it mean to turn over a bonus? This is an already placed bet of a certain amount that you must play out before you can withdraw the bonus.

If you receive a £40 starting bonus deposit, meaning that you have also deposited £40, then the total amount of money in your account would be £80. In order to be able to withdraw from your account, you must turn over that amount a total of 3 times meaning that you have to place bets in the overall amount of £240 (3×80).

Bonus turn over is the main condition!

Another important condition to keep in mind is the deadline of the bonus. Usually, you have 7-30 days in which you must turn over the bonus. If you do not meet the deadline there is a chance that the bookmaker can take it away from you. There is one more thing. If you wish to turn over the bonus, you must place your bets higher than a particular coefficient.

Usually, your bets must be placed on events with coefficients higher then 1.50, so they could be considered as part of the overall turn over amount. Also remember that for a lot of bookmakers, bets on Asian handicap, lines, bets on evens/odds for whatever sport or whatever coefficient will not be considered as part of the overall turn over bonus amount!

It is not mandatory that every bonus be turned over 3 times. There are bonuses which require only 1 or 2 times, depending on the bookmaker. These are the basic conditions and requirements for withdrawing a bonus. Before demanding your bonus, always check if there are any new conditions which could surprise you at the moment.

What is the difference between a promotion, a bonus code and an offer?

difference between bonus and promo code

All three are a type of bonus, but different in form and with some differences.

1. Promotion

Тhis is an offer for a free-of-charge addition of an amount or of bonuses which the bookmakers offer for a new registration or an already existing one. With promotions, the requirements for turning over the bonus usually apply.


  • You receive funds in the form of cash supplements with which to place bets
  • Usually the initial promotion is with the highest amount offered by the bookmaker

  • Turning over the funds can sometimes prove to be a long-drawn process
  • You cannot withdraw funds from your account while the initial promotion lasts

2. Bonus code

It is a code which you enter and with that the bookmaker allows you to place a free bet or get a bonus of betting on an event with increased odds. There are also a set of rules for acquiring the bonus. With the free bonus, for example, the bookmaker gives you a certain amount with which to bet and if your forecast is successful, you will receive the net profit from the bet.

For example, if you receive a free bonus in the amount of £10 and you bet it on a coefficient of 2, the amount you will get if your bet is successful is £20. However, the bookmaker only pays you the net amount – in this case, £10.

Usually the bonus codes are entered in a special section on your betting card.


  • You have the chance to wind realistic funds, without risking your own.

  • The free bets are less expensive and do not offer large amounts
  • There is a big chance that the bookmaker may limit your choice of bets only to certain matches and types of markets.

3. Offers

These are all the offers that you usually receive after you have already registered with the particular bookmaker.

For example, the bookmaker could send you an offer, in which he grants you a particular bonus upon deposit of funds or gives you an offer for a bet on a particular live event.

Usually bookmakers use the big events to offer you such a live offer. Your offer is sent to you via email or it can be seen on the bookmaker website. In live offers, for example, you have the opportunity to receive an additional bonus in the form of a live offer during a match, if you place the bet before the beginning of a particular match. In this way, through both of the bonuses you can be assured that you will always make a profit. Of course, for such supplements there are certain requirements and a limit as to the amount.


  • You receive funds which you could bet and win.
  • Through the live offers you have the opportunity to secure your bets and make sure you always make a profit.

  • The bonus is limited to a certain amount.
  • the live offer is limited to matches and markets chosen by the bookmaker.

Current bonus offers

For new players:

A welcome bonus of €100 – after registering for Efbet you have the opportunity to receive a €100 after your first deposit. The bonus itself offers you 25% from the total sum of your deposit, and the whole bonus is €100. The amount that you receive is in the form of the so-called free bonus. In order to withdraw the money from your account after receiving the bonus you must turn over the money as well as the bonus a total of 3 times only on sports markets. The bets must be made on events with a minimum coefficient of 1.50, and bets made on Asian handicap, lines, and bets on evens/odds for all sports are not considered as part of the overall sum of the turn over. There is a deadline of 30 days after receiving the bonus in which you must turn over. You can read more about this offer as well as the conditions in our analysis for Efbet.

A £50 cash bonus in Sportingbet – After registering in Sportingbet and making your first deposit in your account (on the same day), you have the right to receive a bonus of £50 from Sportingbet. If you register on the website, deposit and bet £5 or more on a coefficient of 2.0 or higher, you will qualify for £5 under the form of a free bet. After the main bonus, customers can receive two additional bonus amounts, each in the amount of £10. You would have to a minimum of 5 qualifying bets of £5 (for the first supplement) and 5 more qualifying bets of £5 (for the second and last supplement). In order to qualify for the free bets you have to be a new client and make a deposit which you must bet within a 14-day period, after the date of registration. You can read more on the details of acquiring the bonus in our expert review of Sportingbet.

A €30/£30 bonus in Betfair Sport – in order to receive this bonus, first you have to open an account in Betfair. When opening the account you have to put in a promotional code which you can find on the site of the bookmaker. When that is done, you have to make a single bet with a minimum amount of £10 on an event in the sports markets with a minimum coefficient of 1.20. Once you fulfill this condition you will have the opportunity to make 3 free bets in the amount of £10. This is valid only with single bets in sports markets. If you win the free bet you will receive only the net profit in your account. You have to right to request this bonus in a 30-day period, after opening an account in Betfair. If you use Skrill or Neteller, you are not allowed to benefit from this offer.

A €20/£20 bonus in Betfair Exchange – in order to request this bonus you must make a bet in the Exchange of Betfair in the period of 7 days after registering. Your first bet has to be a minimum of £20. If your bet in the Exchange section is less than £20, you are not permitted to make a request for your bonus. In this case, Betfair will deposit precisely £20 in your account if first bet of £20 is unsuccessful. However, if your bet is successful then no money will be deposited in your account, but you will get paid the amount of your particular win. As with the previous bookmaker, if you use Skrill or Neteller, you will not be able to participate in this offer.

You can read more about every condition and important steps for receiving this offer in our in-depth review of Betfair.

For registered players:

Bonuses for renewing your account – the bookmaking company of Efbet offers you 100% renewing bonus for your first deposit, after receiving this offer. The team of Efbet sends you an invite through email or SMS message, after which you have to deposit an amount in your account in order to request a bonus. The maximum sum which you can receive is mentioned in the sent invite, but usually it is £100. For example, if you deposit £30, you will receive only a £30 renewing bonus. You have to make a deposit in the 3 days that the offer is valid after the invite is sent. After that you have a period of 7 days to activate your bonus. In order to withdraw from your account you must turn over the amount of your deposit meaning that you must make a bet on the overall amount on events with a minimum coefficient of 1.50. Bet made on Asian handicap, lines and bet on evens/odds for all sports will not be considered towards the turn over amount. You have a period of 30 days in which to turn over the bonus.

Loyal clients and VIP Bonus – some bookmakers offer bonuses for loyal client in the form of a free bet or a small amount of money. One of the most popular offers get sent to the players who are already registered on Bet365. You can find out more about the company’s status and its bonuses for players from the United Kingdom in our professional review of Bet365. Efbet offers bonuses for its VIP clients. Such clients get the largest bonuses and the best attitude from Efbet. If you have been loyal to Efbet and they see that you like betting with them it is very likely that they will invite you in their VIP club.

€25/£25 for combinations – this kind of bonus is offered from Betfair in the form of a free bet. What this bonus entails is that if you make a combination of a minimum of 5 matches (betting of the end result of the chosen matches), and if you do not guess 1 of the matches, Betfair will reimburse your bet, offering you a free bet in the amount of £25. If you have 2 or more unsuccessful bet or if you win the entire bet then you will not receive a free bet. The minimum coefficient of the chosen matches must be 5.0, and that of each match must be 1.20. You have the option of requesting 4 free bets in the amount of £25.

How do we choose the right promotion or bonus?

Now that you are already familiar with the types of bonuses and their conditions you can make a decision whether to take advantage of them or not. All in all, the bonus gives you a chance to win through free bets or other offers, but it is not mandatory. As you already know, a lot of the bonuses require you to turn them over a few times so you can make a withdrawal from your account.

The decision whether or not a particular bonus is right for you, is entirely up to you. For example, if you want to make a withdrawal from your account without any limitations then you wouldn’t want certain bonuses which would prevent you from withdrawing for a period of time. Everything comes down to your own wishes.

Bonuses for smartphone or tablet users

mobile bonuses

There are such bonuses for some bookmakers. You would get a bonus whether you are a new player or an existing one. You will receive said bonus once you make your first deposit through your smartphone or tablet. Usually, once you make such a bet, the bookmaker will send you an Offer Code via the email with which you have registered. This code must be submitted within 7-30 days after you have received it (depending on the different bookmakers). After this you will receive a certain amount of money as a bonus, equal to the amount of your first deposit through your mobile device.

Usually, the maximum money amount which mobile device players can receive is up to £50. In order to withdraw from your account you must bet the overall sum of your first deposit + the received bonus a total of 3 times. And the bets must be made from a smartphone or a tablet. Usually the dealing for executing this condition is 90 days after you have submitted the offer code. For this bonus there is also a limitation – for a minimum coefficient of 1.50. Also, bets on Asian handicap and line are not considered as part of the overall amount for turn over.

Concluding words

Bonuses are a very good opportunity to accumulate additional funds to your account. As you know, different bookmakers offer different types of bonuses and offers and the decision of which one to use and which one not to use is entirely up to you. The good thing is that no one can stop you to try out all the bonuses. Do not forget that bookmakers have to right to recall or refuse any of their offers under certain circumstances. You should always bet responsibly and sensibly because betting should be all about enjoyment! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns through our contact form or directly via out email:

Bonuses and Promotions
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