Betway Sports App for Android

The Betway app for Android is very straightforward. The layout is simple, easy to understand and lets you scroll through any brands you want to do. You are allowed to have a tour around without being obliged to register an account right away. There are some bugs that are present in certain Android devices, but this is mostly due to a compatibility issue. (A list of compatible devices is available below).

While some apps make you log out and go on to a browser just to register, Betway allows their users to sign up on the app itself without having to go to their official website. Registration is fairly simple and you can update personal information easily whenever you want in your settings.

homepage of betway mobile mobile sports section of betway mobile registration in betway

For Betway Sports, it lets you choose from a variety of sports to watch and bet like football, horse racing, tennis, cricket, golf, eSports, basketball, volleyball, and much more. Betway allows users to see their betting history and their odds on their homepage. You can also see which game is live on the homepage; a feature we’ll get to in a minute.

How to Download and Install Betway app for Android

Currently, Google Play does not allow gambling apps that use real-life money onto its store, so trying to find them will most likely leave you to a dead end. Betway knows this, that’s why they provided an apk on their sites that allows users to download and install to their devices manually.

Step 1: Visit the following website: Click here

betway mobile version on tablet
Betway mobile version on tablet

This is where you will download the apk. If you are running this on your mobile device, simply click “Download Now.” If you are on your desktop, download the file, then transport the file to your phone either via cable or 3rd-party applications.

Step 2: Before installing, make sure your phone allows unknown sources. Allowing this will let you install the apk onto your phone. The apk does not have any malicious virus or malware so you don’t have to worry about any virus getting into your device.

settings allow unknown sources

Step 3: Open your apk file on your phone. You should be greeted with a message asking permission on whether you want to install the application as well as the things the app can get access to. Simply press “Install.” Now just wait for the app to download.

betway installation mobile app

Step 4: After installation, you are given a chance to either go back to your home screen or open the application. You can now access Betway and start using the app!

Download Betway app for Android

Betway Sports App for IOS

Customers with Apple devices are not left behind because Betway Sports is also available on IOS. Just like its Android counterpart, the IOS app is snappy, with an easy and user-friendly interface. All your favorite sports are available to bet and watch on. Betting is easy with a few clicks.

betway mobile casino on iphone betway live casino on iphone betway mobile vegas on ios

It is for those who switch devices and want to bring Betway with them to feel it at home. The app is very similar to the Android version and every feature of it could be found here as well.

How to Download and Install Betway app for IOS

Unlike Google Play Store, iTunes App Store is less restrictive when it comes to gambling app, allowing bookkeeping companies on their platform. However, these apps are age restricted and could not be seen if you are under 18. Otherwise, if you are of legal age and your country allows gambling apps under certain laws, then Betway Sports is available at your fingertips.

Step 1: Go to your phone’s App Store.
Step 2: Type “Betway” on the search bar. Be sure to download the official version only.
Step 3: “Get” the app. After downloading and installation, you can open your app on your home menu. You can now access Betway!

Download Betway app for iOS

Betway mobile site version

While Betway has its apps on Android and IOS, it can be accessed by a browser. This can be an option for people wanting to bring the fun to the small screen without sacrificing storage space (and when it comes to storage space, it is something Betway has a lot to offer).

The mobile version did an excellent job with bringing what is available on the desktop. The site fits for the phone’s resolution, so users do not have to pinch and zoom their screens unlike other websites pulled straight from the desktop. Instead, users can simply scroll through the different options they like.

betway mobile site version preview

Like the apps, you can pretty much do anything mentioned above for the mobile site. The big difference has got to be speed. The app is faster than the mobile site since you are relying on a browser. Since the app is a separate thing, it is swifter and has less lag, but that does not mean that the browser version isn’t usable. It still is, just expect that things won’t be as smooth as while using the app.

Special Features on the App and Mobile Site

Betway Sports has some features that elevate any customers’ experience. To name a few, there are:

Live Streaming – Want to catch your favorite team playing in real time? Now you can! With Betway Sports, you can watch your favorite players or team matching it out live without leaving the comfort of your home. This option is currently available in the UK, Ireland, and Sweden only and your account must be verified and accounted in order to actually watch.

4 to Score – Win £25,000 by guessing who will be the first of the four divisions to score in in Premier League, Championship, League One and League Two every 3:00 pm on Saturday (UK time). This game is free for all Betway customers. Currently, this is available in UK and Ireland only.

Free Bet Club – get £10 every week whenever you bet £25 or more on multiples across different sports. The best part is that you can opt once only and be a member for life! All sports except for eSports are eligible to bet on and you will receive first half (£5) on Saturday and the other half on Monday.

Mobile bonus

Aside from the mentioned Free Bet Club and 4 to Score, Betway also offers a Sports Welcome Offer. For new users, they get a £30 Free Bet upon signing up. In order to qualify, you must deposit a minimum of £10.

This £30 kicker, though, only works for every person’s first account, and will not be given to those with duplicate accounts, including those who had signed up before, closed their accounts, and wish to sign up again under a different alias. So don’t think of going out to create accounts with different names. You must also place a bet(s) at odds of 1.75 (3/4) or higher on your first deposit to be able to unlock it.

Get your bonus

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System Requirements and Compatibility

For Android phones:
Your phone must be Android 2.0 or higher in order to run Betway.

Betway can run on Samsung’s Galaxy S series, Galaxy J3 and J5, Galaxy A3, and Galaxy Note from 6 and so on.
For Sony, it can run on Xperia E5, Xperia XZ, Xperia X Compact, Xperia XA, and Xperia X.

Nexus 5X, G5 SE, and G Flex 2 by LG can run the site and app with ease.

Betway can work on Huawei’s P9, P9 lite, P9 Plus, Y3, P8 Lite, and P8.

Betway can work on other phones, namely Vodafone Smart platinum 7, Pixel Phone by Google, BlackBerry PRIV, ZTE Axon 7 Mini, DTEK 50, and ZTE Blade V7 Lite. Just as long as it can handle the space and is running the latest version of Android, it should be good to go.

For IOS phones:

You need iOS 8.1 and onwards to run Betway. Betway is available from iPhone 3 to the latest model as well as on the iPad and iPod Touch.

Betway Sports can take up to 107 MB space on both the Android and IOS.

Mobile payment methods

Betway guarantees safety when it comes to handling money. Depositing and withdrawal are fast and trusted.

One key difference between the main site and its mobile counterpart is the availability of different payment methods. Some banking options that are present on the website are unavailable on the mobile one. Either way, customers can make their transactions with a credit or debit card, as well as other methods such as PayPal and different forms of e-wallet such as Neteller, Paysafecard, Citadel Direct Instant Banking, Click2Pay, and more.

The minimum amount of both deposit and withdrawal is £10.

Company Information

Online betting, gambling, and bookmarking have been an ever-growing market with more people getting into it and more companies opening worldwide.

No longer will people have to go out to buy tickets from shady sources when they can now do it in the comfort of their own home. And with the advent of smart phones and app markets, it is no surprise that some of these companies have taken a stab at trying this platform. Betway is no exception.

Founded in 2006, Betway is one of the newer names when it comes to bookmakers but they have proven to be a staple name when it comes to entertainment.

With a massive online database, dedicated support time, and availability any time of the day in 17 different languages, it is no surprise that they have achieved success and roughly 1.5 million customers. Betway has a wide range of brands (we’ve mentioned them in our main review), including casino, bingo, pokers, and, what we are going to talk about today is sports. The company aims at providing quality entertainment for its audience and with the growth of people using mobile phones, Betway has opened its doors with apps for Android and IOS as well as a mobile compatible website.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will my Welcome Offer Expire?
  2. Yes. It will expire seven days after the first deposit.

  3. How can I view my deposit and withdrawal history?
  4. For those living in the UK, you can check your deposit and withdrawal from this link: For other countries, go to

  5. How long will it take for me to receive my withdrawal?
  6. After requesting a withdrawal, Betway will place the request in a queue stage for the Payment team to review. Afterwards, they will send it through whatever method you registered.

    Time varies depending on the method of payment, but generally, expect your money to be sent to you in the following time period:

    • Webwallet – 2-24 hours
    • Credit/debit card – 1-2 business days
    • Bank account – 1-2 business days
  7. Can I reverse my withdrawal?
  8. You can reverse your withdrawal, or a portion of it, while it is still in the queue. If it is already in the pending stage, it is best to contact Betway directly for a reversal.

  9. How do you register for the 4 to Score event?
  10. Registration of teams is done weekly. Follow these instructions and pick a team before the first game on Saturday.

  11. Are all English football matches eligible on 4 to Score?
  12. Unless specifically stated, matches that are scheduled to kick-off on Saturday at 3:00 PM (UK time) are eligible for the 4 to Score.

  13. Are there ways to contact Betway?
  14. Yes. You can contact them either by:


    Or by Phone:

    UK: 0808 238 9841 (Mon-Sun: 8am-Midnight)
    Ireland: 1 800 932 847 (Mon-Sun: 8am-Midnight)
    Canada: 1 877 811 2604 (Mon-Sun: 9am-1am EST)
    Rest of World: +44 808 238 9841 (Mon-Sun: 8am-Midnight BST)

    Calls from local landlines are toll-free, but mobiles may be charged

Verdict and Rating

Betway Sports is definitely something to try if you have been into betting for a long time or have just started out. While it is fairly new to the market, Betway has proven itself to be capable of leveling with their competitors, including with their apps.

For the apps themselves, they do hold up. They may have a few hiccups on devices that are not compatible with it, especially on the Android side. However, as long as you have the right models, you will expect smooth sails. If your phone cannot handle too much space, it is better to stick with the browser version.

For the app’s design, it is aesthetically pleasing and clutters free for both apps.

It is worth signing up for the exclusive bonuses alone. The only fall back with the mobile version is that it lacks the variety when it comes to banking. So while it can host most of the major online banks and e-wallet, smaller or local banks won’t work.

But as an app for bookkeeping and sports, Betway Sports undoubtedly holds up as one of the best choices for your betting needs. There are some aspects that need work, but otherwise, they give what they advertise. Easy to use, 24/7 support team, and exciting events, Betway has all of this and more. All in all, we give this a score of 9/10.

Try Betway mobile app

Betway mobile app
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