Methods for depositing and withdrawing money from bookmakers

In order to be able to bet online you must first have funds in your account. And in order to have funds you must deposit them one way or another. This is precisely where deposit and, consequently, withdraw methods come in handy with different bookmakers. There are dozens such methods with fees or lack thereof, different operations speed, different deposit and withdraw limits and different availability.

payment methods

We will analyze each one separately:

Skrill (Moneybookers)

This is one of the most wide-spread methods for depositing and withdrawing funds at online betting sites. Actually, this method is treated as an electronic wallet from which you can deposit and withdraw funds quite quickly. There are no taxes for making a deposit or withdrawing funds at most bookies. It’s safe and a pretty popular method in all of Europe. When you make transactions for more than 5 000 Euro you are considered VIP. The deposit is done within 2 minutes and the withdrawal within 2 days.


Paypal is another electronic wallet with which you quickly transfer money in and out of your account. You can also send them to other institutions such as banks or cards. There are almost no accumulated commissions at any bookmaker, and it is quite popular as a payment method among gamblers. Deposits happen right away and in most cases, withdrawing as well. At the most you might have to wait 24 hours for the completion of the operation.


Entropay is a system for online transfers of funds. It is especially useful since almost always funds are in and out of your account in the matter of minutes, as long as it is available at the your chosen bookie. The limits for making a deposit or a withdrawal are extremely small or lacking altogether.


Neteller is an extremely popular method all over the world for making deposits or withdrawals. Most websites do not require commissions when working with Neteller and it is offered for numerous currencies such as euros, dollars, Canadian dollars and so on. It is especially popular in the United Kingdom. However, it is a fact that Neteller puts fees for each deposit and withdrawal from your account. A deposit happens right away while for a withdrawal you may need to wait for up to 2 days in some cases. The maximum amount for a withdrawal is 20 000 Euro.

Paysafe card

Paysafe card in among the world leaders in the world of online payment methods. It is a prepaid method which means that first you must purchase a Paysafe card from one of the 500 000 posts and then you can make online payments with thousands of partners in different areas. You must purchase a PIN code in the amount of 5, 10, 25 or 50 Euro and you are ready to make payments using your 16-digit code. My paysafecard is your personal payment account and after a free registration you can reload your PIN code in your account. Paysafe card also has a mobile application so you can quickly access your account.


WebMoney is a global system for online activities. More than 32 million people from all over the world have joined. It allows you to keep track of your funds as well as make safe transactions. There are fees for making deposits and withdrawals but they are charged according to tariffs listed on the website. For a bank transfer’s the operation may take 1-3 days and the fee is whatever the particular bank’s fee for such operations is.


This method is available in 43 countries including the United Kingdom. TrustPay ensures the highest level of security for its customers and offers a single and simple solution to all payments needs. With this method you can process payments in any currency and make quick deposits. TrustPay offers its customers prepaid cards, instant bank transfers and the opportunity to acquire a card.

Debit and credit cards

Debit and Credit cards are the most wide-spread methods overall for making a deposit. The operation happen right away and there is almost no bookmaker which does not offer this method. Fees are usually non-existent with bookmakers, however, there are exceptions. The limits for a deposit and withdrawal are not large, and the minimal ones are usually from €5 to €10. The same goes for withdrawals. Withdrawals happen within a couple of days after you ask for funds to go into your account. Upon registration you need first, middle and last names and the rest of your personal data as well as the last 3 digits of your card number (the back) so you can start making deposits and withdrawals.


Bitcoin, as you may know, is the so-called online currency which has become quite popular lately. Unfortunately, at this time, almost no bookmakers offer this method because there are still concerns about its safety. This will most likely change in the future. Still, those bookmakers which do offer the method require you to have a Bitcoin wallet which you call “fill” by exchanging your money at one of the Bitcoin exchanges, created precisely for this purpose. Otherwise, transactions happen quick and easy.


Ecopayz is another system which is offered more at the less popular sites. It is another electronic wallet but, at the moment, it needs to gain a lot more popularity. You can deposit funds in the wallet by way of a bank transfer as well as credit and debit cards. If you use a bank deposit you have fees up to 7%, while if you are using cards the fee is only 3%.

Bank transfers

A bank transfer is a very popular option among bookmakers. It is available in 99% of sites and there is no limit for withdrawals. With most places there no deposits either, but it is a fact that you must wait a while for large amounts of money. You need an account name, IBAN, the name of the bank, its address, a Swift code, your account number and your personal data. The minimum deposit amount is 15 Euro and maximum can be up to 50 000 Euro (sometimes even more). You can also make withdrawals for amounts of more than 5 Euro. However, you might need to wait a whole week for the operation and with some bookmakers there are also withdrawal fees.

Methods for depositing and withdrawing money from bookmakers
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