Meet our Team

Atanas Tanev

Atanas is in charge of the smooth workflow regarding all aspects of the website. He is behind the content strategy of Betenemy and monitors the implementation of tasks related to design and future development of the site. It was Atanas that founded Betenemy in 2016. The wealth of valuable information about the best-known online bookmakers resulted in the site enjoying almost overnight success as it started ranking in the top positions in Google’s result pages. In addition to this, Atanas has been involved with web development and Wordpress sites, as well as affiliate marketing, direct sales, and SEO optimization since 2007. A former national rower, he holds a degree in Informatics and Information Technology. Being highly ambitious Atanas describes himself as an entrepreneur at heart. Thanks to him, the Betenemy brand has made a name for itself as a reliable and honest site among the betting and affiliate companies. Read more about Atanas and learn how he feels about working here.

Kristiyan Kyulyunkov
Content Master

Kristiyan worked as a freelancer on the site for quite some time, but it wasn’t until July 2017 that he officially became part of Betenemy's team. He finished High School in the city of Plovdiv with a degree in Computer Science and Technology and later graduated from the University of Plovdiv with a BA in Business IT. Having completed an internship at one of the most popular live sports sites, Kris has a wealth of experience in the sporting field. As a part of Betenemy’s team, he has the chance to shine with his other passion, writing. He is the author behind numerous reviews detailing information about some of the top bookmakers on the market. His favorite hobbies include fitness, jogging, reading books, walks, movies and, of course, watching and practicing football.

Kris's primary responsibilities at Betenemy are to create high-quality content. He has developed a large number of reviews for different bookmakers in Bulgarian and is also in charge of the content for the English version of the site. Besides that, Kris has to keep an eye on the bookmaking sites we write about to ensure our information is correct and up to date at all times. His passion for sports, particularly football, has earned him the role of an author of many sports guides, betting strategies and other sports analyzes. Read more about Kris and his autobiography. Read more about Kristian and learn how he feels about working here.

Maria Kostadinova
Content Master

One of the representatives of the gentler sex in our team is Maria. She is mainly in charge of checking, writing and editing content for Betenemy. To make sure that the reviews she writes are perfect, having keen attention to detail, Mimi consults several sources. She carefully reviews the official sites of bookmakers and their sections, and she never hesitates to contact representatives of the customer support teams to confirm the authenticity of her findings. As a result, her reviews are thoroughly checked and approved before she goes on to design them on our pages.

Maria joined our team in the summer of 2017 as soon as she completed her education. She holds a BA in Software Technologies and Design and an MA in Business Informatics with English both from the Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski". Currently, Maria still lives and works in the city of Plovdiv. She is passionate about learning new things, writing, working with images, stylizing texts, and the creative process of creating quality content as a whole.

Mimi also accompanied our team on two of the biggest affiliate conferences, namely the IGB Amsterdam Affiliate Conference in July 2018, as well as the LAC - London Affiliate Conference in February 2019. Read more about Maria and her autobiography. Read more about Maria and learn how she feels about working here.

Ivan Georgiev

Ivan Georgiev, 31, is from Varna. He studied Engineering Design at the Technical University of Varna. He may have been part of the Betenemy’s team since 2017 but his eight years’ worth of experience in the field of gambling propelled him to become the chief developer of the systems and the Betenemy project as a whole. Ivan’s duties include developing new ways for hassle-free information renewal procedures and refining the old ones. In the autumn of 2018, he joined Betenemy permanently after first completing some projects for us as a freelancer.

Varna is the city he finished his education at, and Ivan still resides there at present. His friends see him as a broad-minded person who has a keen eye for detail. It comes as no surprise that we have entrusted the overall vision of our projects in his hands. Ivan, a.k.a the Master as his teammates refer to him, is in charge of supporting such a great site as Betenemy. Being a team player, he manages to maintain his composure while his bubbling personality helps make the working environment stress-free for all our authors. Ivan is fond of painting and takes much pride in his artworks. He is also into dancing which is a direct result of his passion for music. He lives in a world of his own. Generally speaking, Ivan is a nice guy albeit being just a tiny bit schizophrenic. Read more about Ivan and learn how he feels about working here.

Katerina Gadzheva
Content Master

Katerina Gadzheva joined Betenemy in 2019 and since then proves a valuable asset to the team. With a lot of experience teaching English under her belt, she is now in charge of writing and shaping the content in all the pages of our site. Her educational background in English Linguistics helps her create high-quality texts both in English and Bulgarian. In addition to that, she is passionate about sports, which coupled with her creative aspirations lead to her entering the world of iGaming.

Being a content writer, Katerina starts her day earlier than most people. Her mornings are accompanied by a cup of strong coffee and research on the topic she is currently working on. She regularly looks up details regarding the online bookmakers and casino operators we partner with. It is often the case that Katerina needs to get in touch with a representative of a given company to discuss a situation or get more information about the services offered. That way she is sure to create content that is on par with the high standards of all the reviews and articles on our site. As a valuable team member, Katerina strives to work in close collaboration with everyone in Betenemy while honing her writing skills. Her thirst for knowledge is unquenchable as is her desire to always do her best at work. Read more about Katerina and learn how she feels about working here.

Elica Martinova
Content Master

Elica originally hails from Varna, but currently, she lives either in her hometown or in the capital, Sofia. She finally became part of Betenemy's great team at the beginning of 2019 after having completed numerous projects as an external author for the site since 2017. She holds a BA in Cultural Studies and an MA in Journalism both from Sofia University "KlimentOhridski". Ellie has extensive experience as a journalist in the field of politics. Right before joining us, she worked as a freelance writer taking on various projects.

Ellie's typical day begins very early, sometimes even before the break of dawn. Fortunately for her, there are other early birds in the team to keep her company and make the working atmosphere enjoyable. Her main responsibility is to conduct a thorough check on the professional reviews submitted by our team of content writers. To ensure that the information we present to our readers is both reliable and useful, Ellie has to do an in-depth study of the bookmakers, which often includes comparing them with other betting sites. Her duties also entail stylizing reviews until they fit perfectly into the attractive layout and design of our site. Of course, Ellie's very passionate about creating original content, herself. Luckily, being part of Betenemy means she can manifest her full creative potential.

Before entering Betenemy and enriching her knowledge on all things sports, Ellie does not have much experience with betting although she has always loved sports. Her favorite ones are soccer, basketball, and snooker. If you want to know more about Eli, check out her short bio page.

Doug Holmes
Content Master

Doug began his journey working for Betenemy in 2018 as an independent contractor. His role included the creation of detailed sportsbook reviews and various other articles assigned for this and other websites within our network. As 2018 neared an end, Doug was asked to join and become a full time member of our team, and we were thrilled when he accepted. Doug likes to tell us it was not only his high-quality content, but also his dazzling good looks that drew our attention, but that is another story altogether.

Doug’s love for writing came as a result of his passion for reading. An avid reader, he enjoys investing his spare time in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding, and while he may know many things, he is a firm believer the search for knowledge is a never-ending pursuit. With a lifetime love for Formula One racing, Doug’s interest grew to include other sports, and that passion led him to begin writing about sports.

Doug, as most call him, is responsible for the creation of English content on our website. While he has authored many of our reviews, his responsibilities extend towards assisting other content staff in ensuring all content produced meets our high standards. In his spare time, Doug enjoys spending time with his family, reading, travelling, modelling swimsuits and when time permits, heading into the country for some much-deserved rest and relaxation. You can read more about Doug and how he feels about being part of the team here.

Hristiyan Tsutsev
Content Master

Hristiyan has extensive experience working as an editor. He found out about his calling in his first years as a university student at Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski”. It is then that he first started creating and publishing content on a range of topics. His thirst for knowledge and insatiable thirst for new challenges is what drives him forward.

His working experience includes working for a website dealing with real estate and online group buying. As such, his current path has led him to turn to the IT sphere, but this time covering smart devices for one of the leading tech companies in the world. Being able to visit many IT-related international events is definitely a plus. Top that with his numerous awards in the field of media research and you can see why Hris is part of our team of professionals at It should come as no surprise that some of his awards are given for sports-related articles even though sports at that time was more of a hobby for him and not a career path.
It was not until 2016 that Hristyan was given the opportunity to combine two of his passions – that of writing and sports. Now he can take pride in thousands of publications that are featured on Not before long, his responsibilities grew to include coming up with original content for some of the language versions of the site. His keen attention to detail is undoubtedly the key element that makes him an integral part of our team. If you want to learn more about Hristiyan, make sure to visit his bio page.

Why We Created Betenemy

The reason behind our decision to set up the website Betenemy lies in the fact that our professional and experienced team has in-depth knowledge of bookmakers, stakes and various sports. We decided to put our expertise into practice by creating Betenemy. It is our firm belief that our website will benefit every betting enthusiast whether they are rookies in the online gambling world or have years of experience under their belts. To share reliable and helpful tips about online sports betting and casino games with our readers we spent long hours researching and compiling valid and useful information.

Our Aim

What Betenemy and the people behind it strive to achieve is representing accurate and comprehensive information regarding every bookmaker, bonus, mobile app or casino available on the online market. It is our goal to study and present all services available to players in an accessible and easy-to-understand way. We put much thought and effort into developing informative content and up to date with any changes and innovations in the industry.

Above all, we aim at delivering a complete guide tool that focuses on all aspects surrounding the iGaming market. As a result, you can find a wide range of review and other useful materials on our site, including several guides and betting strategies tips, football predictions, news for top bookmakers, and many more. We believe that by visiting our portal, you will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful in all your betting endeavors.

Why Trust Us

It wouldn’t be hard to find portals on the Internet similar to ours. By choosing Betenemy, though, you can rest assured that the information you’ll find here is reliable and unbiased. We try to present the fact objectively and giving as many details as possible. If you are having a hard time deciding on the most suitable betting site for you, take a look at our expert reviews as you will be sure to come across many that meet your high expectations. With an extensive background in the area of online gambling, our team consists of true professionals who are always eager to acquire new skills and knowledge. Our thirst for development and continual improvement means we consistently deliver high-quality content to our readers.

Everyone from Betenemy’s team hopes you have the best experience on our site.